Landfills across America are filling up with plastic.

Here are a few facts that contribute to this phenomenon:


Recycling Isn’t Doing Enough

Did you know that over 91% of plastics are not recyled in America? Despite curbside recycling efforts, we still throw away a vast majority of our plastic waste.


Other Solutions Don’t Work

Biodegradable plastics increase product costs and can hurt recycling if they end up in the recyling stream. In fact, biodegradable plastics are banned in some locations in the U.S. and around the world.


Plastic Takes Up a lot of Space

Landfills are full of plastic. In fact, landfills are 18-20% plastic by volume. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose which is causing our landfills to quickly fill up with plastic.

Our Solution to this Growing Problem Is:



Plastek™ is a eco-friendly chemical solution that will degrade all seven classes of plastics in landfills in a matter of months.

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Environmentally Safe

PlasTek™ is completely environmentally friendly. It won’t hurt animals, create harmful toxins, or damage landfill liners or equipment. PlasTek™ is made from safe, natural compounds.

Clean Energy Opportunities

PlasTek™ will accelerate plastic degradation, which means these plastics will release methane. Don’t worry though, because PlasTek™ will only be used by landfills that collect methane for energy. With PlasTek™ the average landfill will produce enough additional energy to power over 4,000 homes!

Creates More Space

With PlasTek™, the average landfill will get a 15-20% increase in capacity. That means we can build fewer landfills in the future!